Selecting a Provider

Entry-Level Drivers

Drivers who are new to operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), or who plan to add a new specialization, may be required to take training under the Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations.

Drivers are strongly encouraged to use care when selecting a training provider that will help them meet their specific ELDT requirements.

Finding a Training Provider

Use the tips below to select the right provider for you. You can also download these in a printer-friendly checklist.

Understand Your Training Needs

  • Determine Which Training(s) You Need Download ELDT Minimum Federal Curricula Requirements to learn more about training topics required for each applicable license and endorsement.
  • Decide Where You Will Test and Obtain Your CDL Federal regulations allow you to receive training and take the CDL skills test in a State other than the State you are licensed in.
  • Research State Training Requirements States with training requirements that exceed the Federal minimum standard may prohibit you from taking the skills or, in the case of the H endorsement, knowledge test until you meet their State, as well as Federal, requirements.

For more information on a State’s training requirements:

Contact the State’s Department of Transportation, Department of Education, local business licensing authorities, or a local State Driver Licensing Agency (e.g., the Department of Motor Vehicles).

Find the Provider That Meets Your Needs

  • Search for Training Providers Use the provider search to search for providers by training type, location, and provider name (if known). You must complete training with a provider listed on the Training Provider Registry.
  • Interview Training Providers Contact multiple providers that meet your criteria and ask if they meet applicable FMCSA and State requirements, what fees they charge, policies around enrollment, and class availability.
  • Enroll and Start Training The provider is responsible for submitting certification of your training completion to FMCSA. Once this is submitted, you may work with your State Driver Licensing Agency to take your skills or knowledge test.

Search for a Provider

Tips and Updates

Before You Schedule Theory Training

FMCSA has heard from CDL applicants that they are experiencing difficulty locating a training provider that offers only behind-the-wheel training (BTW), as some providers require trainees to enroll in both theory and BTW. CDL applicants should be aware of this and do their due diligence if they intend to enroll in theory training with one provider and BTW with a different provider.

Funding Assistance for Driver Training

Many options exist to assist CDL applicants in obtaining funding to cover the cost of entry-level driver training.

  • Contact your State Workforce Development office
  • Ask employers about tuition assistance programs and tuition reimbursement programs
  • Research employer-based training programs