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CDL Training Providers: How To Register

Follow the steps below. For more information, watch the Registration Tutorial video or download the Training Provider Registration Guide.

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  1. Create a account

    Training providers will use a username (email address) and password to access the Training Provider Registry. Providers may create a new account or use an existing account. Learn more about

  2. Register Training Provider

    Select one person to register your company or organization with FMCSA. Once approved, this user may invite other individuals to register and work in the Registry on behalf of the training provider.

  3. Register Training Locations

    Once FMCSA approves the company’s registration request, providers can log in to register training locations. Providers with multiple locations will need to register each location.

Registration is Open

Why do training providers need to register?

Providers must register with FMCSA via the Training Provider Registry to be included on the list of training providers when it becomes publicly available. Beginning February 7, 2022, CDL applicants must complete their entry-level driver training from a training provider listed in the Training Provider Registry to be eligible to take the required commercial driver’s license (CDL) skills or knowledge tests. Training providers must also register to electronically submit a driver’s certification of successful completion of training, as required by the ELDT regulations.

Only training providers register in the Training Provider Registry.

Read below for more information on the ELDT requirements training providers must meet to be eligible to register with FMCSA.

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When registering, training providers must self-certify that they meet the requirements in 49 CFR 380.703.* These requirements include:

  • Curricula Both theory and behind-the wheel (BTW) instruction must cover all topics outlined in 49 CFR part 380 appendices A through E, as applicable.
  • Facilities Classroom and range facilities must comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local requirements.
  • Instructors Theory and BTW instructors must meet the definitions in
    § 380.605.
  • State Licensing Training providers must comply with applicable laws and regulations of any State where they conduct in-person training.
  • Vehicles Must comply with applicable Federal and State safety requirements and be in the same group and type that driver-trainees intend to operate for their CDL skills test.

*If FMCSA determines that a training provider does not meet all applicable requirements, FMCSA may remove the provider from the list of registered training providers.

For the complete list of training provider requirements for entry-level driver training, consult 49 CFR part 380 subpart F and subpart G.

Training Provider Requirements

When registering, training providers will be required to submit:

  • Provider name and contact information
  • Facility name and contact information
  • Whether driver enrollment is open to the public or by private enrollment
  • Type of training provided, average training hours, and average training cost
  • Third-party affiliations, certifications, or accreditations

Note: If a training provider operates multiple locations, they must register each location.


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