The resources below have been developed to inform State Driver Licensing Agencies (SDLAs) and other key stakeholders about the Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations and the Training Provider Registry.

Note that many of these materials would also be helpful for FMCSA Division personnel.

General Information

Review the State ELDT requirements. Download the SDLA Factsheet

Is your State on track for February 7, 2022? Download the Countdown to ELDT Checklist for SDLAs

SDLA Check-in Webinars

Access materials from previous check-in webinars.

FMCSA has compiled responses to several of the questions asked by States during these webinars. Download the SDLA Frequently Asked Questions on ELDT

Connecting to the TPR Web Service

For details on how to connect your State's IT system directly to the TPR Web Service, visit the TPR Developer's Toolkit page.

For details on connecting to the TPR Web Service via CSTIMS or ROOSTR, contact Philip Hadwin at

Outreach Materials

FMCSA has developed a customizable PowerPoint presentation template to help you spread the word about ELDT and the Training Provider Registry with driver applicants, training providers, and other applicable stakeholders.

Download the SDLA Outreach PowerPoint Template (revised 07/15/2021)

Resources for Training Providers

Share the resources below with training providers in your State to ensure they are preparing for the February 7, 2022 ELDT Compliance Date.

Training Provider Registration

  • Download the registration talking points for responding to training provider questions
  • Download the Training Provider Registration Guide
  • Training providers can also visit the Training Providers page on the Training Provider Registry website.

    Need more information?

    Check the Training Provider Registry frequently asked questions or contact us.